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Nancy McLaughlin
Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool Director/ M/W/F Lead Teacher

Welcome to Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool!  My name is Nancy McLaughlin and I am so excited to be returning to Center Stage as the teacher for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday preschool class this year. I am looking forward to a year full of fun, creative play and learning experiences with your child. 

After retiring from my career teaching elementary and special education in the Warrensburg School District in 2014 I taught preschool at Center Stage for four years. When my first grandchild was born I decided to stay home and spoil her for a while, but found I really miss being at Center Stage and in a classroom full of preschoolers! Their energy and enthusiasm for discovering the world around them makes everyday a fun and exciting adventure. I can’t wait to dig out the finger paints and building blocks again! I can’t help but smile just thinking about singing silly songs and finger plays, story time and “Duck, Duck, Goose”. 

I believe that young children learn best when they are actively engaged in developmentally appropriate and fun activities. Preschool children have a short attention span so asking them to sit still for any length of time is not very practical. They need to move and interact with one another. They need to play and explore. They need to experience success often enough to be willing to risk making mistakes. Above all, they need to feel valued and loved. My goal is to structure my classroom so that my students experience these things.

On this website you will find some general information about our programs and the forms necessary for enrollment. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or text us at 660.747.6133 or send us an email at


Nancy McLaughlin

Katy Griffiths
Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool T/TH Lead Teacher

My name is Katy Griffiths and I am the Tuesday/Thursday Preschool lead teacher and Monday/Wednesday/Friday assistant teacher at Center Stage Academy.


Preschool can be a fun and exciting time and I’m looking forward to being with your child to explore and learn together!


I grew up in Idaho where I met my husband and we have been able to live around the country as we’ve followed his career. We’ve been in Warrensburg for five years and I've been an assistant preschool teacher at Center Stage for 2 years. In my spare time I love being with my family and supporting our four daughters in their various interests. I also enjoy reading, being outdoors and baking. 


I look forward to getting to know you and your child and being able to experience new things with them! I think one of the greatest rewards is when you get to help a child learn something new and see the smile and confidence that comes from what they have learned.


Katy Griffiths

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Ashton Bennett
Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool T/TH Assistant Teacher

Hi! I’m Ashton Bennett and I’m the assistant preschool teacher for Tuesday/Thursday. I was born and raised in Belton, MO then moved to Warrensburg to attend UCM. I’m a 2021 graduate with my BFA in musical theatre and a minor in dance. 

I’m starting my 3rd year at CSA, as the Theatre program director, and on music and dance staff. I’m thrilled to be a part of the preschool staff this year! I also enjoy roller skating, reading, and going to see live music! 

Preschool is a new and fun experience for these kiddos and I’m so excited to be here for the adventure, and to help them in every way I can. I can’t wait to create, learn, and explore with them. 

I look forward to meeting your child and leading them into success this year in preschool! 

Ashton Bennett

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