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The ultimate goal of Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool is to provide a nurturing environment where children feel secure and happy while developing the school readiness skills they need to succeed in Kindergarten.  We want our students to be excited about daily activities in class and look forward to learning new things.  We will explore the fine arts in fun and stimulating ways designed to inspire creativity and imagination.  Through all of our daily routines and interactions, our students will know they are a special part of the class and a truly amazing individual!

We offer an exciting opportunity for learning and socialization for our students while providing parents with a few hours to refresh and refocus on their daily life. Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool is committed to making the few hours we have with your child each week a wonderful experience for your entire family.

2024/25 Dates:

Open House/Meet the Teacher: August 26- anytime between 9am-12:40pm

First Day of Class: August 28

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The Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool Pre-K program is designed to meet the individual needs of 4-5 year old children, not yet enrolled in Kindergarten, in the areas of social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth.


Classes are on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings from 8:40 am-12:40 pm, August through May.  In the event of inclement weather, if the Warrensburg School District cancels school, preschool will also be cancelled. 


A five day preschool option for families who are looking for full week preschool! While our curriculum is designed for the 3-4 or 4-5 age groups, our small class size and preschool model provides enough flexibility to focus on the individual needs of each student.  This allows us to accommodate the specific schedule your family may desire and makes it possible for us to offer families a 5-day preschool option, with students attending both programs! 

This means, if T/TH works better for your 4-5 year old student, you can enroll them in that class and still feel confident they are receiving all the preparation they need for Kindergarten. Similarly, if your 4-5 year old student would like to attend 5 days of preschool, our preschool model again allows us to be able to divide the class up into breakout sessions in order to focus on age appropriate skills.


There is a registration/supply fee of $100 per student.  This includes the cost of classroom supplies, snacks, and a class t-shirt.

A non-refundable deposit of $75.00 (75% of the registration fee) per child is required at time of enrollment to reserve your place in the class. The balance of $25.00 is due by July 1st.


2024/2025 tuition is $231.00 a month (through May) paid via automatic payments set up during registration. All tuition payments will be automated by a system of auto-debit from a checking account or by auto charge on a credit card. Payments will include all days your child is enrolled, whether or not they miss a day due to sickness or vacation. 


2024/25 tuition is $369.00 a month (through May) paid via automatic payments set up during registration. All tuition payments will be automated by a system of auto-debit from a checking account or by auto charge on a credit card. Payments will include all days your child is enrolled, whether or not they miss a day due to sickness or vacation. 


If you find it necessary to withdraw from Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool, notice must be submitted in writing to the teacher 5 days prior to the beginning of the next month or your account will continue to be automatically charged. No deductions or refunds will be given for student absences.


We appreciate knowing when your child will be absent, whether it is due to illness, family vacation plans, or other circumstances. Please call 660.747.6133 to let us know when your child will be away from class.


For your convenience, we offer a drive though drop off/pick up lane! During the first few days of school, parents can bring children inside as needed for their child’s comfort.


  • We ask that parents use the “drop off lane” when bringing children to school in the morning. Please drop off your child no earlier than 8:35 am.

  • In the morning, a staff member will be outside to verify that parents have done a symptoms check and will then escort each child into the building. We understand that on occasion, a child might need additional comfort and will want their parent to escort them into the building. When doing so, parents should remain in the lobby with their child. A teacher will bring him/her into the classroom. 

  • In the afternoon, parents can either come inside to pick up their child or they can wait in the drop off lane. Remember to wear a mask if entering the building. A staff member will bring each child to their vehicle. Please pick up your child promptly at 12:40 pm.

  • We will only release your child to the authorized persons you have listed on the Enrollment Form. If an occasion arises where someone not listed on the form needs to pick up your child, please send a note in to the teacher or call/text the front desk at 660.747.6133.


Please dress your child in clothes that are comfortable, washable, free of complicated fastenings and can be undone easily to use the bathroom, and suitable for all activities. All children should have at least one extra set of clothing appropriate for the season in their backpacks. Please label your child’s jackets, sweaters and backpack to help us avoid any confusion at the end of the day.


Please have your child bring a backpack/ tote bag with them to school each day. We ask that all personal items remain at home unless the teacher has requested a special item. We understand that your child may need a security object from home such as a blanket or a special toy to feel comfortable in the new surroundings.


Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool will provide a daily snack for each child that will include milk or juice.  We ask all parents to send a lunch with an ice pack for your child each day. Please do not send red juices as they stain easily.


Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool will have holiday parties for the children throughout the year.  Parents are welcome to attend and join in the fun!  Birthdays are an extra special day for each child and we have some very exciting and educational activities to celebrate their day!

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