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Since 2000, Center Stage Academy has had the privilege of training students of all ages from Warrensburg and surrounding areas in dance, music, theatre and art.  Over 500 students a week are entrusted to our care. We take great pride in maintaining an environment conducive for learning where students can excel in their classes while building friendships with their peers. 


We strongly feel that exposure to fine arts aids in the development of higher thinking and motor skills as well as encourages self-expression, confidence and positive self-esteem.

As our Fine Arts Preschool enters its eleventh year, we are thrilled to continue to use our experience from the past twenty years of teaching fine arts as inspiration to bring the arts into a more traditional classroom setting for young students!


Center Stage Fine Arts Preschool is an early education program designed for children ages 3-5 to help prepare them for kindergarten with a structured balance of academic learning mixed with fun and games.  Our preschool program offers a wonderful environment for play and exploration while parents have a chance to refresh and refocus on their daily lives.  Children will have an opportunity to interact with peers during a fun-filled day of learning where we will explore basic academic concepts such as:

  • Calendar and Weather

  • Colors and Shapes

  • Numbers and Counting

  • Name and Letter Recognition

  • Orientation in Time and Space

  • Autonomy and Social Interaction

  • Science and Exploration

  • History, Geography and Holidays

  • Literacy, Poetry and Pre-reading Skills

We also have a Daily Fine Arts segment taught by specialized instructors in areas such as:

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Art

  • Creative Dramatics

We look forward to meeting you and your child!

Preschool Art Skills at Center Stage.jpg
Leaning ABC at Center Stage Pre-K.jpg
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Jennifer Renfrow
Nancy McLaughlin
Coreena Franklin
Barb Metcalf
Katy Griffiths
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